Thursday, February 5, 2009


OK, it's now 2011~this blog is dated! There are no more garden parties currently being co-ordinated by the hosts of this blog, given that our energies have evolved in the direction of support for SPUDS, and DIVA. Thanks for linking to these two active Denman Island organic initiatives!

This blogspot still features both a gallery of images celebrating some of our past hands-on garden parties though, as well as a great list of links (scroll down on the right) to a wealth of information concerning community food security, organic agriculture, and SPUDS- Denman's community potato co-op, begun in 2008).

The importance of local food production, and supporting local farmer's markets, etc, is getting more and more attention these days...thanks to everyone who has participated in our garden party series over the years... and let's keep growing!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


It was a beautiful day, pitching in at Bob and Velda's on the last Garden Party there before this hardworking couple retire from full time farming!
Below: One of our biggest garden parties yet took place in a timely fashion, just after Bruce injured his foot with a chainsaw! Some thirty folks showed up to help out Bruce & Lee Andra in anticipation of their farm's first ever time on the annual Denman Home and Garden Tour.

Below: other groups of Denman Island residents and visitors who have pitched in together to show and share support for our hardworking local organic farmers over the last few growing seasons!

Our local organic growers make their fresh picked, pesticide and gmo free produce available at the Farm Gate, and throughout the summer at Denman's Saturday market. Think globally and act locally by shopping for seasonal fruits and veggies at our market from the May long weekend through to mid September!

Islanders are initiating a co-operative harvest sharing project called SPUDS. Member families and individuals will enjoy a steady supply of potatoes all year long, or until each harvest runs out, for a nominal yearly fee and contribution of time in the field! Get in touch for further information, and find out how you can be part of establishing sustainable, local food security right here on Denman!